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About Us

Vesl enables access to cheaper invoice financing and opens up financing to previously ineligble companies by securing invoices with trade credit insurance.

Through its platform, Vesl brings together borrowers, insurers, and financiers into a single specialized market place where its SMEs can access insurance and financing from the best providers worldwide.

What makes it different is that VESL facilitates a pay per transaction scheme for trade credit insurance to make it simple and more affordable.

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

Protection From Financial Loss

Trade Credit insurance is an important instrument when managing credit risk on buyers who pay through topen account Insuring receivables againts non-payment and late payments ensures your company's cash flow and profit

Better Credit Standing

Trade Credit Insurance is a top-grade financial instrumentfor hedging risks. Credit rating agencies put considerable weight on companies with trade credit insurance.

Access to more Financing

Banks and Lenders are more likely to lend capital against insured receivables, usually with lower interest rates and better financing terms.

Increased Revenue and Profitably

Trade Credit Insurance lessens fear of selling to new buyers and expand to new markets.

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