On a Mission to Help Grow Economies
Through Innovations in Trade Finance

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Who we are

Vesl is a financial technology company that is innovating the way insurance is accessed by businesses and lenders. We are the first platform in Asia that has facilitated a “per invoice” trade credit insurance, and has directly matched insured invoices to lenders.

Our future holds adding specialized insurance products that can complement different types of financial products for businesses.

Vesl has been accelerated by Startupbootcamp Fintech in 2017. We are backed by a combination of strategic corporate investors and family offices in the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

What do we do

Vesl provides innovative and technology-driven platforms for businesses in the supply chain industry. Our platform helps them grow and expand while managing their risks.

We create agile and user-friendly platforms where:

  • businesses can access affordable insurance that can protect their assets, and use those insured assets for financing,
  • lenders can finance transactions that are backed by insurance, and
  • insurers can offer and manage unique products such as “per invoice” trade credit insurance.
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