Vesl Co-Founder Maureen Ledesma featured on Asian Insurance Review's article:

“Sharing the Future of Insurance”


February 2018

Asian Insurance Review has featured Vesl’s co-founder, Maureen Ledesma, in its February 2018 issue. The article, written by Dawn Sit, describes how now is the time for insurance services to cope with the demands of its consumers as opposed to traditionally having the market adjust itself.

Vesl highlights the accessibility of protection to the previously uninsured, extending trade credit insurance customer footprint to the mass SME market; offering a pay per invoice service. Along with Vesl, start-up founders Regine Lai of my-insurer and Ashley Kee of Bandboo shares the purpose and hurdles of the ‘sharing economy’, transforming insurance products to be more accessible, flexible, and agile to its consumers.

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Business Protection 101: Cash Flow Security

By Lou Samson

January 26, 2018

Businesses face many types of risk and uncertainties all the time. Business-to-business transactions are especially prone to risks of buyers not paying on time or not paying at all. At one point, suppliers have doubted the ability of their buyers to pay them, specially those asking to pay thirty or sixty days after the invoice due date. In cases like this, managers can rest easier with Trade Credit Insurance. Simply put, Trade Credit Insurance, or TCI for short, is a form of protection that businesses can use to secure invoices made through open accounts or with buyers that pay on credit.

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Startup of the Week: Vesl

An interview by Lauren Schoepnner for Startupbootcamp Fintech

June 30, 2017

“So here’s what everyone needs to understand first: Trade credit insurance is more than just protection against a defaulting customer. Since it reduces a buyer’s credit risk, financial institutions are more willing to lend and even lower borrowing rates to insured transactions. Many businesses could benefit from trade credit insurance.”

— Maureen Ledesma, CEO & Co-founder

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