Focusing on Supply Chain Innovation

An observation from Ignite 2019’s Top 12 Wildfire Startups

June 25, 2019, IGNITE 2019 brought global attention to the PH startup scene where 12 lucky startups had the chance to share their vision on the spotlight. The pitch competition initially gathered 30 startups to go through a bootcamp where they train for pitching and investor readiness.

These startups were: Agrabah Marketplace,, Sakay, Burket, Uproot Urban Farms, Cropital, Vesl, Admov, 1Export, Omnirio, Last Mile Inc, and Social Light Inc.

Based on the pitches delivered, there was a clear indication that Filipino entrepreneurs are trying their luck on innovating the supply chain. It is a rigorous but scalable market that is so fragmented yet capable to move into digital space in a short period of time, thanks to tech companies that value platform integration.

Out of 12, 5 startups focus their solutions on marketplace and financing technology which are components of the supply chain. 3 of the 5 startups are connecting suppliers and buyers Рgeneral trading, export, agri matching. Another on is in p2p lending for farmers. And then there’s Vesl, taking a stab at risk management and trade financing in the supply chain.

Maybe we would see future integration between two of these five? As a matter of fact, it would be possible for all of them to integrate and create a five-headed unicorn. What a sight!

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